The Board has approved a drawing to partially fund one Board member and one other member to attend the NALS 66th Annual Education Conference & National Forum in Norfolk, Virginia on October 4-8, 2017.  Each person will receive a $250 check payable to NALS to go toward the early bird registration fee of $349 (due July 1). You are required to: 

  1. commit to attend the full conference; and
  2. pay the early bird registration by July 1. 
  3. If you fail to register for the conference, you must promptly return the $250 check to NALS of Oklahoma. 
  4. If you pay the registration fee and then later due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot attend (illness, trial, family emergency, etc.), you must promptly refund the $250 to NALS of Oklahoma.  NALS does not allow you to transfer a registration fee to any future conferences.  NALS will, however, allow you to transfer the registration fee to another member for the same conference. 

 Be sure to clear the time off and attendance with your firm/supervisor.

If you are interested in attending the conference in Virginia AND you can commit to attending and, please send your name, phone number and email address to Joanne Davis at joanne.davis@onegas.com BY JUNE 12, 2017.  The drawing will be held on June 15.

You may find more Information on the conference on NALS.org website, or through this link:  https://www.nals.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=812683&group=

For your consideration, if there are many of us going, we consider sharing costs when possible.


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